So every October, bloggers all over the world come together at Write31days.com, well, to write for 31 days. They pick all sorts of topics and then they write. Everyday. For 31 days. Okay?

I participated last year. It was challenging, but I learned a lot through that month. So I’ve decided to join in the fun again this year.

I’ll be joining the FiveMinuteFriday gang over at Kate’s blog to do the FiveMinuteFreeWrite. There are prompts over there for each day of the week. I’m following the prompts that were chosen by all of us FiveMinuteFriday participants. I’ll be writing around the theme of nursing. The twist is to use the prompt words and write for just 5 minutes! If you want to join too, be sure to head over for the details.

Hope to see you!

10.01.1510.02.1510.03.1510.04.1510.05.1510.06.1510.07.1510.08.1510.09.1510.10.15, 10.11.15, 10.12.15, 10.13.15, 10-14-15, 10.15.15, 10-16-15, 10.17.15, 10.18.15, 10.19.1510.20.15, 10.21.15, 10.22.15, 10.23.1510.24.1510.25.1510.26.1510.27.1510.28.1510.29.1510.30.15, 10.31.15