I didn’t fall in love with nursing until after I met Jesus. Oh I was called to be a nurse for sure. I have no doubt about that. But for those first 20 years? I would say we had more of a love/hate relationship.

I couldn’t get away from the memory of watching my dad die. His death made nursing really hard. But I made a promise to him and he was my childhood hero. I was determined to keep my promise to him. Funny now, I can look back and see how God used that event to make me the nurse he wanted me to be.

For 20 years, I took care of people. I was kind. I was compassionate. I was more patient with them than my own family. But I would not have said I loved my job. It was a job I happened to like. Sort of.

After Jesus? I finally understood the purpose, the calling. I fell in love with nursing. And being in love makes me want to try harder, persevere when the days are too long.

Love makes all the difference.

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4 thoughts on “31DaysOfLifeAsANurse_Love

  1. Such great insight in how Christ makes everything in our lives, marred by the fall, even a good job we excel at all, beautiful. It creates love.

  2. It’s amazing how knowing God can change things. How His love can infuse every aspect of who we are and what we do. Love your thoughts on this.

    And, might I just say, that in some of my most scary medical moments, it was the hands and voice and eyes of a kind nurse that made all the difference.


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