I can only do one case at a time.

I say this to myself and others often. But there’s the thing. Sometimes all hell breaks loose and one case at a time turns into a mass casualty storm and there aren’t enough people to keep the ship floating.

That’s what happened this past weekend. I got called in to work Saturday evening. I was call 2. The storm has to be really big for that to happen. It means everybody who can be working is working. When I showed up, there were 3 emergencies with a couple more emergencies on the way! It was crazy!

Sunday night was no better. Trauma after trauma kept coming in waves. I didn’t think I would survive. The not so funny thing is I only had to navigate that storm for 48 hours. The storm of a trauma center never really ends. The rain just slows down to a drizzle until the next downpour.

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