4 years of college education to prepare me for nursing wasn’t enough to make me ready.

I wasn’t ready to watch the first patient die as I pushed the morphine he needed for his pain. I wasn’t ready for the pain I felt when that man died.

I wasn’t ready for the overwhelming fear the first time I did CPR, until a co-worker told me the patient was already dead and CPR could only help him.

6 months of surgical internship to prepare me for life as an OR nurse wasn’t enough to make me ready.

I wasn’t ready for the baby who was tragically run over by his mama cuz he got away from his daddy when he turned away for just a split second.

I wasn’t ready for the brother and sister who got hit by a car when their ball went into the street, killing them both almost instantly.

I wasn’t ready to hear I was the most qualified to scrub a dissecting thoracic aneurysm with only a few months of surgery experience under my belt.

I wasn’t ready to crack the 14 year old girl’s chest in the emergency room when she got shot by a classmate who had a crush on her.

There are countless, seemingly endless human stories I wasn’t ready to take part in. Yet I have. And I don’t know how many more human stories I won’t be ready for?

30 years of nursing. I may never be ready. But God is. And He has never left me to face any of these stories alone.

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