What is your life worth to you? Can you place a value on it? What about the guy on the corner with the cardboard sign? Or the inmate who murdered some guy in a bar in a fit of rage? What are their lives worth? Or what about the wife of the CEO of the hospital you work in? Or the President of the USA? Do their lives have more worth?

We are all created in the image of God. We all have equal value, worth in His eyes.

When I meet my patients throughout the day, I meet image bearers. Oh, some have more flaws than others, but they are image bearers nevertheless. They are each worth more than all the money in the world. Because at birth and at death the playing field is leveled. We come into the world with nothing. We leave the world in the same way.

So when I meet a patient, an image bearer, I don’t see the things they’ve done right. I don’t see the things they’ve done wrong. I see all the possibility of who they could be because of the worth the Lord gave them when He created them.

That means each person is worth my time, love, and compassion.

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