When people don’t understand the value of life, everything breaks down.

I see this almost daily working in the trauma center.

One brother shoots another because the first steals the second’s crystal meth, placing the value of drugs higher than the life of his brother who lost his leg.

A man shoots and kills a woman because she doesn’t want him to be her roommate anymore. placing his own value higher than her value, while also shooting and killing her daughter’s boyfriend because the boyfriend valued his girlfriend’s mom higher than himself.

A woman rolls her vehicle after dropping her kids off at school because she didn’t value the life of the guy who flipped her the bird because he didn’t value her life either.

These are real stories that break my heart because now I know Jesus who saw the value in each of us. He got on the cross because he thought we were worth it!

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2 thoughts on “31DaysOfLifeAsANurse_Value

  1. Oh, I can’t imagine the sad, sad stories that you see. And yes, it continues to amaze me (in a not-good way) what people can do to one another. It seems we’ve all forgotten the value of life. Jesus never did. That’s why He chose to die for us – even though we were not *worthy* of being saved, He deemed us worthwhile.

    I’m glad He did.


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