6 years ago, I worked on a heart team in Florida. On this particular occasion, I went to the holding area to pick a woman who was having a redo heart surgery. She was a young woman. As I walked into the holding area, I could tell by the conversations she was having that she was into new age spirituality.

When I introduced myself, she looked at me with a very odd look in her eyes and said,

I was here before Jesus Christ ever was…

Shocked, I physically stepped back. Something was very wrong with this picture. Immediately, I consulted the Lord.

What kind of spirit was in this girl? Did it see the Holy Spirit in me?

My mind was racing with questions and possibilities until I laid them all aside to focus on the reason we were there in the first place, heart surgery.

After I wheeled her into the OR and got her all situated on the table, after she had some antianxiety meds onboard, I leaned in closely to her ear and whispered,

Jesus loves you. He will be with you for this operation. He will watch over you and keep you safe. I will be praying for you.

Then she looked at me with the eyes of a normal, scared girl and said,

You would pray for someone like me?

Yes I would. Because at the name of Jesus, the enemy has to leave. Even in a whisper.I wonder where she is now? I wonder if she ever met Jesus. Lord I hope she did!

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  1. What a marvelous opportunity, and God bless you, you took it! I’m sure that the Holy Spirit whispered through you all the way into her soul. There’s great power in that still, small voice!


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