In the world of surgical nursing, purple is the color of trauma. Broken bones. Bruises. Contusions. Hematomas.

I’m currently working at a level I trauma center near Phoenix, Arizona. This is the type of hospital you want to be brought to in the event of serious injuries. Injuries stemming from simple falls to major motor vehicle accidents to gunshot wounds.

This is the type of hospital I enjoy working in the most. I’m not entirely sure why? It’s the most challenging place to work. On the one hand, it brings emotional exhaustion. On the other hand, it brings me so much satisfaction.

It’s the toughest job I have ever loved.

I feel so close to the Lord when I’m working in the trauma center. It reminds me of the Good Samaritan. Jesus didn’t walk by me when I was at my lowest, bruised and broken. He picked me up. Treated my wounds. Washed me clean.

I cannot pass by the wounded, the bruised, beaten, battered, broken. I cannot pass by the purple. I am the Lord’s hands and feet. My love, my compassion are His love, His compassion made visible through me.

For the purple.

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