October has arrived. People say it’s one of the nicest months in Arizona. I say everyday is nice in Arizona! I am thankful. It’s my word for 2015. 


721. Week 10 begins and I’m counting up instead of counting down for a change.

722. Riding in the car with the windows down.

723. Love birds in the wild.


724. Train whistles in the dark.

725. Bible study on the patio.

726. Conflict resolution, while not fun, is a good thing.


727. A gift from a co-worker.

728. There always seems to be enough.

729. Good music.


730. Happy October!

731. A day off during the week is like an oasis of time.

732. Meeting ladies for coffee to talk about Mercy Ships because one lady applied to serve with them. Mercy Shippers are everywhere!


733. Friday! One week until the big Grand Canyon hiking adventure!

734. I am a friend of God. He calls me friend.

735. 5 number sequences. Like zip codes.


736. Cute new cowgirl boots.

737. Suzie sitting in the boot box.

738. 4.5 hours of callback because it really hit the fan and forgiveness and grace for my bad attitude.


739. Cool patio mornings with coffee and the Lord.

740. Receiving a package of gifts from my mom for the kitties and piggy.

741. They say when the locusts stop singing rainy season is over. The locusts have stopped singing. 

Happy Sunday!


9 weeks in. I am so very thankful. It’s my word for 2015. 


700. The high today was 78°.

701. Tropical storms reach Arizona. This makes me so happy.

702. Solar powered led fairy lights.


703. Being invited/included to a baby shower for a co-worker.

704. Gifted with tamales from a co-worker.

705. Being surrounded by mountains.


706. First day of fall! Current temp, 74°!

707. Hammock stand came!

708. A day off in the middle of the week to be lazy and rearrange the outdoor room.


709. To celebrate the second day of fall, Arizona temperatures climbed to 105°. Last ditch effort by summer to hang on?

710. Only had to stay 2 hours on call today.

711. A pretty new patio rug made in a Navajo pattern from recycled plastic.


712. I get to watch 2 cute little dogs this weekend for a friend.

713. Hanging out for dinner with my cousin and her sweet baby because I’m watching 2 cute little dogs this weekend for a friend.

714. It only took 5 minutes to get from my friend’s apartment to my cousin’s house so I could hang out for dinner with my cousin and her sweet baby because I’m watching 2 cute little dogs this weekend for a friend.


715. My apartment complex is the circumference of a .25mile track, making it very convenient to throw on my trainers, walk out the door, and get those 10,000 steps.

716. IKEA. Need I say more???

717. Indoor/outdoor dining set that didn’t break the bank.


718. The way Arizona smells so smokey.

719. The full moon over the desert.

720. The silhouette of the world as the sun rises.

Happy Sunday!


8 amazing, adventurous, glorious weeks in Arizona! I am thankful. It’s my word for 2015.


679. 20 miles on the bike. Scottsdale. Out and back.

680. I have a car #1 can borrow.

681. Lunch date with my beautiful cousin and her adorable baby.


682. Titanium sternum and ribs from a 3D printer.

683. Pinpoint microwave probes that obliterate liver tumors and provide a 94% cure rate.

684. A lovely patient who was cured of hepatitis C by a new drug!


685. 8 weeks in.

686. The one person with the iciest façade was civil to me today. Very thankful for answered prayer.

687. No freeway shootings in almost a week.


688. The prickly pear I sat on is getting flowers.

689. Getting out of work early is super nice.

690. Figuring out when avocado is ripe.


691. Working with fun people.

692. Going home on time.

693. Surviving 4.5 hours of call back.


694. So many canals to ride my bike on here.

695. Learning how to tell when the avocado is ripe and learning how to get it out of the shell nicely.

696. Dinner with my cousin and her husband and baby. At my place. Because I haven’t done anything this hospitable in years.


697. The hummingbirds found my patio!!!

698. Successfully hiked Piestewa Peak with #1.

699. Planning a trip to the Grand Canyon with #1.

Happy Sunday!