8 amazing, adventurous, glorious weeks in Arizona! I am thankful. It’s my word for 2015.


679. 20 miles on the bike. Scottsdale. Out and back.

680. I have a car #1 can borrow.

681. Lunch date with my beautiful cousin and her adorable baby.


682. Titanium sternum and ribs from a 3D printer.

683. Pinpoint microwave probes that obliterate liver tumors and provide a 94% cure rate.

684. A lovely patient who was cured of hepatitis C by a new drug!


685. 8 weeks in.

686. The one person with the iciest façade was civil to me today. Very thankful for answered prayer.

687. No freeway shootings in almost a week.


688. The prickly pear I sat on is getting flowers.

689. Getting out of work early is super nice.

690. Figuring out when avocado is ripe.


691. Working with fun people.

692. Going home on time.

693. Surviving 4.5 hours of call back.


694. So many canals to ride my bike on here.

695. Learning how to tell when the avocado is ripe and learning how to get it out of the shell nicely.

696. Dinner with my cousin and her husband and baby. At my place. Because I haven’t done anything this hospitable in years.


697. The hummingbirds found my patio!!!

698. Successfully hiked Piestewa Peak with #1.

699. Planning a trip to the Grand Canyon with #1.

Happy Sunday!


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  1. #688 – there has to be a lesson in that somehow!! Because, really, doesn’t God sometimes turn the most *prickly* situations into wonderful blessings?!


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