I am really feeling quite good today. I just finished reading Radical by David Platt. I want to make the commitment to The Radical Experiment to pray for the world for one year. I also want to commit to giving sacrificially. I’m not sure what that looks like though? I do know that giving 10% of what God gives me seems like a very small amount of money given the amount of money I make. I keep saying I can live on half the money I make, but can I really? I think I can. And if I make this sacrifice, I don’t think it will be giving away the money that will hurt as much as having to keep working 40 hours a week. I so want my life
to be easier than this. Just having to keep working 40 hours a week would be giving until it hurts. I also know God didn’t make me to have a life of leisure. He made me to be His servant. He blessed me with a great job so I could give money away.

But, to whom should I give the money? I want the people of the world to hear the Gospel. I don’t want them to die without ever having heard the Good News. We need people to go to them, to tell them. So I’m thinking missions would be a great place to send the money. Now how much should I give? Is it okay for me to have a savings account? I didn’t think it was a bad thing to have money for emergencies and such. But do I really need as much money from each pay check? Something needs to change. I need to make this commitment. As for the other 3 things, I have already committed to them. I’ve been committed to them almost from the moment I met Lord.

Ten things I am thankful for today:

61. revival in my heart
62. reading Radical + In His Steps
63. learning I can be more
64. I feel great
65. operation world’s website
66. learning there are 195 countries to pray for
67. a new sense of purpose
68. excitement
69. the desire to be committed
70. Afghanistan

Check out The Radical Experiment and pray about whether God wants you to commit too.

His… Michelle

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