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receptionist’s log: 12 June 13

Working in reception has made me realize, all the more, my lack of certain people skills. I know!? Hard to believe since I work in a people industry! But don’t forget! I work in the operating room, where the clientele are only awake for 5 minutes. I can tolerate almost anything for brief periods of time. Customer service is not my gift. I’m working outside the box here. But God knows what he’s doing, of that I’m sure. I know this summertime job is for my own good. I know it will teach me things I desperately need to improve on, like good phone etiquette and patience. There’s no such thing as too much patience. You never hear anyone complain about how patient someone is.

Exciting moments in my day included:
– all the fire doors mysteriously alarming and closing on decks 3&4
– talking to the duty officer on the radio
– embarking crew
– disembarking crew
– figuring out how to call the UK from Spain

I’m learning new things at every turn. It’s fun to learn new things. It’s fun to be informative. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow, I do touristy things. W00t!

Love… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


no malaria in Gran Canaria

I can’t get that phrase out of my head. As soon as I thought it, it stuck, like a song. It has a catchy beat. ๐Ÿ™‚ We arrived in Gran Canaria on Thursday, 6 June to less fanfare than Guinea. But it’s no problem. The pilot boat and tugs here are state of the art, twenty first century things of modern beauty. We’ll spend about 7 weeks here while the ship gets some needed renovations, updates, and a new CT scan machine.

I spent Thursday and Friday evenings exploring the town of Las Palmas with several friends. There is a spectacularly clean beach, restaurants, shops, and parks. Anybody who knows me, knows I love to do touristy things. I’ve been online to check all the things to do and see here. There are bunches of monuments, and more exciting to me, bunches of archeological treasures to explore. I can’t wait! But for now, I’m heading into 5 days on the reception desk, fun in a different manner.

Love… Michelle
Philippians 1:20