The Story Of A Girl

Once upon a time, there was an awesome girl from California. She was beautiful on the outside and the inside. She loved Jesus with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength. She loved the poor and did all she could to help them. She even let missionaries surf on her couch.

One day, she met an awesome chemistry professor. She thought he would make somebody a good husband. She wanted to fix him up. The more she hung out with him, the more her missionary friend knew they would get married.

Fast forward to today. The girl married the man she didn’t even know she was dreaming of all those years she was on her own. But God knew. God was making her husband especially for her even when she didn’t know. God is really good like that. 🙂

The girl’s missionary friend had the distinct pleasure of being among the witnesses to her happily ever after.

The beginning.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20