Thankful_February 1

Weekends at my job can be unbelievably insane. Low staffing, no secretary, phone ringing off the hook insanity. But even in these trials I am thankful. It’s my one word for 2015.

94. The awesome support and encouragement from the ladies at work (you know who you are ;)) when I thought my head might explode because I’m terrible at multitasking.

95. Making it to the end of a crazy busy Saturday evening shift with my head still intact.

96. Coming home after a crazy busy Saturday evening shift, flopping into my comfy chair, eating chips and salsa, winding down, catching up with all the “news” on Facebook, crawling into bed.

Thankful to rest on this happiest of Sundays!

Thankful to join Give me Grace and Sunday Stillness

Advent_December 23

I really appreciate the description of God as the Great Physician because I am a nurse. And doing heart transplants? That grabs me because I am a surgical nurse. I haven’t yet personally seen a heart transplant, but I’ve done heart surgery. I’ve laid my hand on several beating hearts over the years. Awesome is the only word to describe the feeling of a beating heart.

When you have heart surgery, the surgeon shuts your heart off. On purpose. The blood vessels to bypass are too tiny to work on while your heart beats. Isn’t it crazy he can shut your heart off, like a light can be shut off? Then when the anesthesia wears off, the heart starts to beat again. So crazy amazing!

Now imagine your heart is too useless to support your body? You go to surgery. Get put on bypass. They shut it down. Remove it, like a car engine. Replace it with a stranger’s heart. A stranger died. Graciously gifted his organs so others might live. They put that new heart into your body. Hook up all the connections. The anesthesia wears off, the new heart starts to beat again as if it never stopped beating in the first place!

When you say yes to Jesus, you get a heart transplant! You get His heart! He died to gift it to you! Bonus, it doesn’t even hurt you! What a crazy, amazing gift!!!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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Advent_December 5_[FMF]_Dear

Sometimes I get to see God orchestrate my day to be exactly where He wants me to be even though no one else sees what I see. He always orchestrates my days. I don’t always have eyes to see. Yesterday I had eyes to see.

I got assigned a urology case which on the surface appeared to be routine, but was anything but.

First, I’m not particularly overjoyed to work with this surgeon. Second, there was a tiny note that the radiologist would be joining us. Third, the routine case needed to be in an open room, not the cysto room. My spidy senses told me something was up.

I went to meet the patient. He was lying in his bed, elderly, looking frail and exhausted, wife sitting close by and protective.

I did my usual greeting, asked my usual list of questions, and sensed fear, anger, and tension as thick as dense fog.

All the players had shown up except the radiologist. The patient’s wife remained very tense. I went to check on the radiologist. He was delayed because he was waiting for his assistant.

I went to report back to the patient’s wife. I thought her head might explode when I gave her the news. I asked her for the story of what happened. I knew there had to be a story.

“Are you kidding me!?”

This dear woman proceeded to tell me a tale of a kidney stone removal gone horribly wrong, tearing her husband’s ureter in half, leading to infection upon infection, 3 more procedures to try to put it back together, leading to pulmonary emboli, leading to a vena cava filter, bringing her dear husband to death’s door, leading to an unexplained cancellation of the 4th procedure earlier in the week, leading to this moment of me standing face to face with this dear woman, looking her straight in her red rimmed eyes as she fought with all her strength not to lose her composure.

I touched her shoulder. I said “I’m sorry. This has been a really hard year for both of you. Can I pray for you?” She respectfully declined saying she had already prayed. I told her I would be praying through the whole procedure.

This was the last attempt to make right what had gone wrong months ago. This was a do or die situation.

Oh dear God, dear God, these doctors can’t do this without you! Please, please, please have mercy on this man and wife. Please let them get this stent in place. Please let this man recover. They just want to go home. They just want things to go back to normal.

The struggle went on for more than an hour. I held my breath as I watched the saline drip from the irrigation. Then suddenly the breakthrough was achieved! The stent was inserted. The fourth time was the charm.

As I ran out of the room to fetch a catheter I shouted in my soul, Thank you Jesus! Dear Jesus! Thank you! Praise you Lord! Thank you Jesus!

And I knew I was meant to be in that room. Even though I don’t enjoy working with that surgeon. Even though it was a case way outside my comfort zone. Even though a dear, exhausted, frightened, angry woman didn’t want me to pray with her.

My dear Lord gave me eyes to see.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

In this Advent season, I am so blessed to witness Jesus come. He came for this man and his wife. Came down and worked a miracle for them in the OR. Came down to work a miracle for all of us by being born to die for us. I sincerely hope you see the blessed miracle in His birth!

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