975 miles…

I left Florida yesterday morning around 6:30. I arrived in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania around 10pm. I drove for 16 hours in a car with no stereo. The lighter is also broken so I had to shut the phone off to preserve battery. What’s a girl to do with all that time? I talked to myself. A lot. I also yelled at all the people who think the passing lane is for cruising. I spoke with some form of a southern accent in honor of the southern states I passed through. My southern accent is like Mrs Doubtfire’s British accent. You can’t quite tell where it’s from. I was delighted to see that the famous South of the Border billboards got a makeover AND they have a new website. You haven’t lived if you haven’t stopped at South of the Border on I-95. Just sayin’. Other than being painfully boring, the trip went smoothly. God even answered my prayer to get through the Baltimore/DC area without the rush hour traffic jam. That was no small miracle considering I got there at rush hour! In another big miracle, I said so long to my awesome boy GA without becoming a blubbering mess. God is good to us! Africa in 4 more days!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20