five minute friday_care_day 10

Do you care that my life has taken a turn for the ordinary? Do you care that I can’t seem to find you anywhere I look? Do you care that I have no passion for anything in front of me? Do you care? I feel like I’ve been wandering around a dessert for months. I feel like you’re too busy to be worrying about me, to care about me. Please help me. I need you Jesus. I need you so much. I know it seems like sometimes I don’t care if you are with me or not, but it’s just not true. I’m in the flat lands. I’m starting to think the flat lands are the hardest of all. Jesus.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

It’s time for Five Minute Friday! This is day 10 of #Write31Days.

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Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

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The word this week is ordinary.


I wake up every morning, walk 100 steps to a dining room that seats 400 to pick up 1 cup of coffee from a giant coffee maker and walk 100 steps back to a room that sleeps 4 at any given time. I walk 75 steps to a job I normally have to drive to because my work place isn’t usually in my home. At the end of the day I walk back 75 steps to the room I left just 9 hours earlier to take a 2 minute shower so I can go to dinner where I will run into every single person I just got done working with because my home is in my place of employment or my place of employment is in my home. After dinner on Fridays I have date night with 3 boys from Texas who love video games and movie night and eat popcorn 1 kernel at a time. I wait 14 to 56 days for mail to arrive from flying 3000 plus miles away. I wait until 5pm to talk to my boys at 12pm because there’s a 5 hour time difference until daylight savings time when I will have to make it 6pm to talk to them at 12pm because they don’t do daylight savings time here in Africa. AND God thought it was a very good idea for me to travel thousands of miles for him to show me I am still too full of anger and bitterness instead of just showing me at home.

This is no ordinary life.


His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20