transformed by renewing my mind_day 23

One year ago, I said goodbye to a dream. I left Africa because the Lord said it was time for me to go home. I left people I loved, who loved me too, impossible me.

It has not been an easy transition for me, this coming home. Sometimes I still feel like a displaced person, not knowing where I belong.

I’m still having trouble accepting the Lord’s plan for me right now. It all seems so unimportant next to the dream of Africa. But this is not the way to think. Life carries on regardless of where I am.

And this kind of thinking is purely selfish as I know my family is very happy to have me here.

Last year, the Lord said come home, rest for a year, take care of yourself. Well, the year is up. I sure do hope He has something amazing for me to do this next year. I sure hope He puts a new dream in my heart, a new idea.

Here I am Lord!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

This is day 23 of #Write31Days.Also sharing with the Thought Provoking Thursday crowd.

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