five minute friday: tree

Every Friday, a group of like minded individuals gathers over @thegypsymama’s to write unscripted, unedited masterpieces for the sheer joy of writing. The only hard, fast rule is to leave comment love on the blog prior to your own.

This week the word is tree.


It all started with the memory of a tree in Africa, my missionary dream. The memory of that one acacia tree led to multiple adventures in the USA, Haiti, Uganda, Guinea, and Congo. It opened the door to the possibility of reaching out to people who need help. The dream of the tree has come full circle as I’ve come home and learned to reach out to people wherever I am. One little memory of a tree. How cool is that?


His… Michelle

Here’s how I’m earning my keep while visiting my brother and his family:







The Patient Who Didn’t Need Me

This story is written by my friend, the incomparable Catherine Clark Murphy. It’s a beautiful story about an amazing patient we had in Guinea. I hope you love it as much as I do.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

My Life Aquatic

My job around here is to write stories, to give people a sense of the difference free healthcare makes in the developing world. I do this with the hope that somewhere, someone, maybe you, will read about the work Mercy Ships is doing and want to support us. We couldn’t do what we do without our incredible donors. Your generosity amazes me every time I walk down the hospital corridor.

During our time in Guinea, I wrote a lot about a man named Thierno. Thierno was a rising Guinean soccer star until a benign tumor began to grow in his jaw. In the U.S., Thierno’s tumor would have been removed in a dentist’s chair under local anesthesia before it was even visible. On his way out of his dentist’s office, a nice lady at the desk would have smiled and said ‘we’re all good here, I filed with…

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