15 years. 15 years since that morning when we got up and it was a day like any other day. Until it wasn’t. And the unthinkable happened. And we watched in shock and horror and recognition that America, land of the free, Home of the brave, was under attack. 

15 years since we came together as a nation to search and rescue and save husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters.

15 years of saying “never forget”. And we won’t ever forget. But, if we ever hope to have peace on earth, we also need to forgive. Generous forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a choice. It is not synonymous with excusing. It is not synonymous with justice. Justice belongs to the Lord. He will make things right. We are called to forgive and love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

So yeah. Let’s never forget. But let’s never forget to forgive also. Generous forgiveness.


I hold no illusions about my sinfulness. I am so sinful I can’t even understand how sinful I am. Everyday, I start out with the best intentions to be holy and pleasing to the Lord. Then I walk out the front door and get in my car and start yelling at all the other lousy drivers on the road. I get to work and compose myself again, put on the professional mask and head inside. Then I’m bombarded with all the people who don’t know Jesus and allow myself to get sucked into the gossip and back biting. As the day goes on it only gets worse. I get hangry. I get grumpier with each passing minute. I get self absorbed and demanding because I don’t want to work with certain people. 

Ahhhh! This is my confession and my cry for help to the Lord to save me from myself before someone gets hurt. I can only fall on my face and beg God for forgiveness and thank God for his mercy!!!

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭17:9‬ ‭ESV‬‬

This scripture is more true than I can possibly understand. Lately, I am the opposite of generous

Happy? Thursday. 

Sharing with Lyli.


Trust. It’s a very hard thing to be generous with trust. 

By the time I met Jesus, I could probably count on one hand the people I trusted. And then I don’t think I trusted more than 3 completely. 

Life has a way of beating you up. People hurt you all the time. I lost my faith in the goodness of mankind and along with it my trust in God. If he could allow this amount of pain, how could anyone ever trust him?

Since Jesus, it’s been a long slow climb up a mountain to trusting again. Every trial, every bump in the road, every missed opportunity, every closed door, every sickness, everything I want to control but cannot, is just one more thing to help me regain my trust in God. To decide if I will praise him no matter the outcome. 

I thought I had the rest of the year all figured out. I thought I’d stay at this job in Tucson for 13 more weeks. The manager enthusiastically said yes one day. But 2 days later said the corporation said no. What gives God!? 

My first reaction was my knee jerk before Jesus reaction of tears and the sky is falling and woe is me. But it only lasted minutes as my brain quickly jumped to God on his throne, behind the scenes, maneuvering and planning. And I decided more quickly than ever to trust God with the next thing. 

Generous trust in God. Progress. 

Happy Thursday!

Sharing with my friend Lyli