I am a helper. More specifically, I am a rescuer. The Lord has enabled me to be this way.

When I was a child, the story of the good Samaritan resonated with me deeply. I wondered how anyone could witness another human being in distress and just pass them by? Not me! I have lots of examples of incidents that I was able to come to someone’s rescue. I’m not talking about feats of heroism, I’m talking about just being aware of your surroundings so as to render aid when the need arises.

For example, when I was a sophomore in college for nursing, I arrived home after clinical just in time to witness a huge street fight break out at the end of my block. I was horrified to watch a bunch of men beating each other with baseball bats and clubs. I even witnessed one man swing a baseball bat at the head of another with such force as to drop that man like a sack of potatoes! Horrified into action, I ran into the house as fast as I could to call 911 and report the incident. My mom tried to stop me out of fear of being found out and possible reprisal, but I wouldn’t even hear of it!

We are all created for specific things we’re meant to do, a purpose. Because we’re created, God enables us to carry out the works we’re created for. All we have to do is show up and be willing to let God enable us. He won’t force us to do things we don’t want to do. So what is your thing? Are you willing to let God enable you to carry out the works he’s created you for?

‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. ‘

Ephesians 2:10

Happy FiveMinuteFriday!


A list of observations because I have observed I like lists. 😉

  • The world is filled with miracles, like the day I was born again. You just have to look for them.
  • If you watch the sunrise from the beginning, you will see most of the colors of the rainbow.
  • walking on trails brings me into the presence of the Lord.
  • Birds are everywhere. The plain birds have the most beautiful voices. The colorful birds have cringey, squacky voices. Black birds make cool clicky sounds.
  • I love the sound of walking in the dirt, gravel, snow.
  • The sound of the ocean on a beach with round stones is magical.
  • Watching elderly couples hold hands, dance, hug is a beautiful testament to perseverance.
  • Feeling a beating heart while doing open heart surgery is something I will never forget.
  • The silence in the wilderness is stunningly calm.
  • I do my best thinking, dreaming, planning while walking/hiking.
  • Signs of spring!

How do you observe the world?

Happy FiveMinuteFriday!


What are the once and done things in your life? Mine tend to be very small things, like brussel sprouts or liver (except mom kept feeding us liver over and over for all my childhood, but you get what I mean.) Then there are the things I thought would be once and done, like childbirth, but that was twice, or even backpacking (I had a terrible first experience).

What I have found over the years is that some of the things I did once and hated, ended up being the things that helped me grow and become who I am right now. I am who I am because I had 2 kids. I am who I am because I tried backpacking again because I wanted to persevere through the bad experience to have the good experience. Even now, backpacking is super challenging. I have to dig deep to plan a trip and get to the trailhead. It’s hard. But once my feet hit the trail, I’m always so glad I made it there.

Life is about faith. Salvation may be a once and done event, but making it all the way home to see the face of the Lord requires perseverance. Faith is staying the course when things go wrong, when life throws you pain and suffering. If you understand faith correctly, it’s not once and done. It’s over and over and over again.

‘but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. ‘

Matthew 24:13

Friends, May the Lord give you the strength to stand firm to the end, the strength to face the hard things over and over again, because when we reach the finish line, we will finally be able to say we lived our once life on earth and we won’t ever have to do that again!

Happy FiveMinuteFriday!