There are some people in my life who are going through a really big crisis right now. Their world is slowly coming undone. I’m watching this from a great distance because I’m here and they are there. I know these people. I’ve known them all my life, but how much do we even know people we know well? And I don’t know them as well as I could if I lived closer. How can I be generous to people who live so far away? 

By being available. For the phone call. For the text. By returning the phone call without delay as much as it is in my power. Because when you’re in the middle of spending time with the Lord and you get a text message like I got and you hear the Holy Spirit say to drop what you’re doing and return that call, you listen. Because God is generous.  He loves my people even more than I do and I am his hands and feet. I am his ambassador. I am the person he speaks love and encouragement through. I am his voice to people who are hurting and need to know love more than anything else in the world. 

So I am going to be available. Whatever that looks like. Through the phone. By offering my time and home for them to come away and rest and regroup. By ministering to them the love and grace that’s found only in Jesus. Praying fervently for this situation and believing God is going to make it all work out for the good and for his glory. Because nothing is impossible for my God. 

Generous availability

Happy Thursday!

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