This past weekend, I had a birthday camping/hiking adventure with my favorite #1son in Payson Arizona. We had so much fun! Payson is about 80 miles north of Scottsdale and 4000+ feet higher in elevation, making it about 20°cooler! We tent ⛺️ camped. We had fire. Robert cooked over fire. Robert treated me to birthday breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We hiked about 15 miles altogether. We laughed a lot. We saw javelinas and snow ❄️! We accidentally found ourselves in the middle of a 50 mile ultra marathon (so I consider that as participation 😜)! Fantastic! So very thankful. 



What can I say of the generous love if God?

He wakes me each morning with a refreshed spirit. He leads me on his paths to the people who need to know how very much he loves them. He has blessed me with 2 sons who love me despite all of me flaws. He has brought me to one of the most beautiful places on earth that I may enjoy with him by my side. 

It’s my birthday this Sunday and I will be spending it camping at the Grand Canyon with my AZboy and AZhikingbuddy. We’re going to hike to the Colorado River and back. This too is born from the generous love of the God who rescued me from darkness. 

May my life be given back to the Lord with as much  generosity as his was given to me so I could live!


Happy Thursday!

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Advent_December 24

Today is my favorite big kid’s birthday, 29 years.

Christmas of 1985 is one for my record book. He was supposed to be born on December 4. He refused to come out on his own. He’s been a rebel since before he was born. But who can blame him? I think he was afraid to come out. All he heard was yelling and screaming. He knew it was going to be scary, felt the abuse before he was even born.

He’s a rebel and a fighter, a survivor with deep compassion for the misfits and outcasts.

I can’t wait for the day he meets Jesus! He’s going to be such a warrior for the Lord! I believe it like I believe the sun will rise, like I believe I can move mountains! It’s just a matter of time.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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