Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself… Again

Well hello there! For those of you who know me, It’s been awhile hasn’t it? For those of you who are new here, my name is Michelle. Some folks call me micey. 

Where have I been? Out there 👉🏼 living life.  Loving life. Hiking. Backpacking. Working. Encouraging. It’s been good. So very good that I haven’t been in here. 

As you can see from my posts this summer, I’ve been in the wilderness a lot. I love it out there. But I realize I let the wilderness posts take over the blog and that’s not what the blog is supposed to be about. The blog is supposed to be about Jesus. Lifting his name up. So I’m refocusing the blog back on Him and encouraging you to seek Him. 

That being said, I’m not going to turn this blog back into the compulsive writing project it was in the past. It became such a chore that I didn’t want to write anymore. Because really, who loves chores? Not me! Haha! 

Anyway, I’m back. Ish. Haha! Watch this space as I pass on bits of encouragement that I find in the Word. Because make no mistake, my love for Jesus has not diminished by even a millimeter!

The One Where I Figure It Out

I was never meant to be a long term missionary, not in the traditional sense, packing everything up in my casket, sailing for faraway shores, leaving all I love behind. Oh, it sounded romantic and dreamy. It sounded like something I really wanted to be. But it was never in my DNA. It wasn’t part of God’s plan for me.

How did I finally figure it out?

It’s been a process. The biggest problem for me has been this deep seeded need to meet the expectations of others, always trying to make others like me.

After almost 10 years in relationship with the Lord, I’ve finally chosen to be me, the me he knew before I was born. I’ve decided to accept I am who I am, to stop trying to be who others want me to be, to make others like me as if something is wrong with me. To fit the mold of cookie cutter people that exists in our culture, even United States Christianity.

All this to say, I am another, less acknowledged by the church, type of long term missionary. I am itinerant. I like to roam, wander, travel, move, all over the place. I am like the apostle Paul in my missionary adventures. Because you see, I love making Christ known wherever I am, wherever I go.

As I plan my next adventure to Arizona, I am praying for and dreaming of all the people the Lord will put in my path who need to be encouraged in their faith, who have never met Jesus and I can introduce them to him, who I can help to fall in love with our Savior.

So you see, I am a long term missionary. My mission is to make much of Christ, to make him known, to glorify him, to shout his nameE from rooftops. He is the reason I live!

Happy Wednesday!

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Thankful_January 17

I’m spending a year writing about being thankful. It’s my word for 2015. And today is a double dose because yesterday was FMF. So yeah. Thankful.

3 Witnessed Blessings

46. Everyday, I get to do this crazy surgical job. I get to meet people of all ages, races, and cultures. I get to converse with them and hear tiny snippets of their stories. I get to witness their lives when they are hard. What a privilege.

47. To step outside the USA and step into the poorest nations in the world to witness the joy people have. Being rich really has nothing to do with money. It has to do with being loved, respected, cared for.

48. Combine the surgery with the folks in the poorest nations and witness the dignity of the least waiting patiently, sometimes for many years, for God to show up with their healing. And when their healing arrives? Witness the indescribable joy when they look in a mirror. Witness the shock and awe as they realize they can see, really see!

A Gift Bringing Laughter, Prayer, Quiet

49. I’m going home today. To Pennsylvania. To family. To good times. To laughter as we try to spring my mom from rehab that isn’t really rehab because she’s doing so well after her bilateral knee replacements. Hallelujah!

50. I have missions on my mind. All of a sudden. Particularly Haiti. I’ve been there 4 times. I feel her calling out to me again. I keep bumping into her on the world wide web through blogs I follow. I’m exploring options. I’m praying.

51. I’ve been awake since 3:40am, anticipating the alarm that was set for 5am to wake me for my trip home to Pennsylvania today. I love how absolutely still and quiet the world is during the last watch of the night.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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