The calendar says it’s a fresh new year, but it sure doesn’t feel like anything fresh. To quote a surgeon I worked with this week after I said, “happy new year”. “Happy New Year!? Don’t you know it’s December 41st!?” Her words made me chuckle. “But,” I responded, “we can’t lose hope.”

Friends, I would submit to you that we can’t wait for the turning of the year to look for freshness. We aren’t made for the future. We are made for right now. As followers of Jesus, every single minute is fresh. To believe things like, next year will be better, or next month, or next week, can only lead to hopelessness. How can this thinking help you live through your right now trial?

Up until 7 years ago, I was living like a good citizen of the USA, planning all the things I would do to show God I really love him. But all the planning did was lead me to anxiety and burnout. When I truly realized the grace of God, that I am a citizen in his Kingdom, I began to practice living in this moment, learning to see it for what it is, fresh, new, life giving. In accepting ordinary, everyday, moment to moment life, I have found freedom and hope.

With this fresh perspective of the upside down Kingdom of God, I am able to make plans loosely because :

‘We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.’

Proverbs 16:9

Sharing this fresh idea with the FiveMinuteFriday community. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Fresh

    • It happened when I got “fired” by Mercy Ships. That is when the Lord spoke to me clearly that I never had to “work” for him again. It’s when I realized he really does love me unconditionally. I have been practicing moment by moment living ever since. 🙂

  1. We can definitely spend too much time looking to some future point when we think things will be better, but it’s much better to make the most of each moment.

  2. I looked into a future bright,
    waiting for a golden hour,
    and then shuddered at the sight;
    I’d stepped upon a flower.
    It grew unheeded from the grass,
    head bravely held to sky,
    and lived until when I would pass
    and cause some grace to die.
    But in truth that’s not the end
    of this frail beauty’s story,
    for I thought, “Whoa, God forfend
    the world should lose this glory!”
    and to this day, I daily look
    at its petals pressed into a book.

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