Beyond Today

One of the best things about knowing Jesus is living for today, finding delight in the ordinary. Getting up, having coffee, reading the Word of God, going to work.

On my way into the surgery center, I had to pull off the road to take a photo of the sunrise. It’s not everyday that the clouds and timing are just right for a beautiful red sky.

As I was getting ready to prep my patient, my co-worker offered me a really helpful tip to make the prep even preppier. And if that wasn’t fantastic enough, another co-worker offered a different tip too! Little things that make the routine even more useful! These are tips I’ll remember to take with me when my adventure moves down the road to the next place.

There’s a beautiful lightness to living for today. The past is done. You can remember it, but you can’t change it, so don’t dwell on it too long. The future isn’t here and it isn’t guaranteed, so make your plans loosely. Leave room for the Lord to do His thing. Stand back. Be surprised and amazed at all the goodness He pours down on you!

Live for today. Rejoice in the Lord! Beyond today is all cherries on top!

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

Matthew 6:26

Happy Five Minute Friday!

3 thoughts on “Beyond Today

  1. Thank you for leaving the sweetest message on my blog yesterday! I too have counted my gifts over and over for years! I also struggle with depression and pessimism as well as anxiety. I have found that being grateful helps pull me back into reality of the present moment like you say in your post! I so could picture you prepping for surgery as I have a very good friend who is a surgical tech! I’ll be looking forward to watching the sun and clouds today too. Saturday morning tea greetings! Jennifer, FMF

  2. In this life that you are livin’,
    one day you’ll wake up dead,
    so enjoy the day you’re given
    and don’t look too far ahead,
    for crystal balls are just a myth,
    and Tarot cards a fraud;
    there are no death-cheating Sith,
    and the whole thing’s up to God.
    He alone knows all your days,
    and (yikes!) knows all your nights,
    so give Him thanks and give Him praise,
    and when He dims the lights
    at end of your earthly story,
    He’ll have set your stage for glory.

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