It’s been awhile. I’m in New Hampshire doing a travel contract. I’ve section hiked over 100 miles of the the Appalachian Trail up here. It’s beautiful, challenging terrain. I’m alive and loving life to the full. I’m Ministering to people on the trail and in the operating room. I’m spending quality time with my friend Jesus in the wilderness. I just write these thoughts below and thought maybe you’d like to think them as well

I became a nurse when I was 22. I was angry at God in those days, not on speaking terms with him at all. I was 42 when I gave my life to him. And then this verse became my song — “Then I heard the Lord say,

“Whom shall I send? Who will be our messenger?” I answered, “I will go! Send me!”” Isaiah 6:8 GNT

It’s been my song ever since. I used to think I had to do great things for God, to make up for all the years I let him down. I went on a bunch of missions trips until I burned out. When I finally understood grace, I heard him say I was enough just being me, being still at his feet, always ready, always willing. He’s a good good Father. ♥️♾

Unconditionally – m