I Reserve The Right To Change My Mind

What’s up Friends!

I know I said I was going to post my prayer journal here once a week, but now looking at my prayer journal, I realize it may not be something you want to read or even skim through because it’s mine. And it’s also written in a very specific way to the most important person in my life. That being said, going forward, I will still be doing the once a week thing, just making the writing more enjoyable for you the reader, all 2 or 3 of you. Haha.

Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways. (‭Psalms‬ ‭119‬:‭37‬ ESV)

What will I write about? Life. But not in a way that is just about the daily grind or in a way that’s just whiny or complaining. I want to write about life in all its beautiful, heartbreaking fullness in Christ! Because when I met Jesus 13 years ago, my world turned right side up. I went from seeing everything through human, two dimensional eyes, to seeing everything through the high def, 4K eyes of the Holy Spirit! And what a gorgeous view it is! I hope to share my view with you. I hope to encourage you. I hope to reconnect with you. I hope to reconnect with writing. Stay tuned for more!

Happy Saturday!



5 thoughts on “I Reserve The Right To Change My Mind

  1. I am so happy right now that I met you here. Your post is so cool. I too have been a believer for several years, however I want to live like it was yesterday. I want to be renewed every morning, noon, and evening. I want the Spirit to create in me new thoughts that transform my stinking thinking. I thank the Lord for I see His hand of mercy working in my heart. It is making a HUGE difference in the way I respond to people and Praise to my Father I am even nicer to His daughter (me). I love Him and knowing He Loves me, messed up as I am is my favorite place to be.

    • Amen sister! I gave my life to the Lord 13 years ago. It took time for me to really believe God could love me after the way I deserted him when I was a girl. But each day, he renews my mind and I know more and more that he truly does love me! Hang onto Jesus! He will never let you go!

  2. I feel special 🙂 I am one of 3. Write away! I totally get that feeling of trying to decide what to write about, wanting to connect with my readers, etc. Blessings on your day. dm

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