Everyday, I wake up and think I have my life under control. But doesn’t everyone think this way? About every area of life? But life is like one giant obstacle course. Wake up. Run out the door for work. Do the job. Run home from work. Go to sleep. Repeat. Except… the alarm doesn’t ring. Then you’re late. Or the traffic is jammed. Or your 5 minutes ahead and suddenly remember you need gas in the car. You head out for a routine hiking adventure never imagining that in just 3 short hours, you’ll have a tiny slip and end up being flown off by helicopter with a broken ankle. 

When you get right down to it, control is nothing much more than an illusion. Oh some days seem much more controllable than others, but again I say it’s an illusion. I’m so thankful for the grace of God that has taught me to love the one who really has the control. He allows me to be still and know that it’s okay to be out of control because he’s got me. This knowledge has allowed me to be a calming force for the ones I know who need to be in control, to just stand back and let them be in charge, feel in control. After 2 months away from my life’s call as a nurse, it’s good to be back, to feel like I’m in control again. Even if I’m really not. I’m thankful to my Father for allowing me to feel in control again. 


Happy FiveMinuteFriday!

6 thoughts on “FiveMinuteFriday_Control

  1. Hi there,
    I am your neighbour at FMF. I love this. The flow of the story was terrific. I felt your control. I felt you let go. Giving it to God isn’t easy but it is satisfying.

  2. Amen! I love what you say here. There really is always something around the corner that makes us see our control really is an illusion. I praise God for taking control and being the one to handle it all. I know I surely cannot.
    I think this is my second Five Minute Friday visiting you. I am not sure if I commented the first time. I got lost in your instagram feed. You inspire me with your big smile and victories. 🙂
    And apparently you live in Arizona too. That’s pretty cool.
    Have a blessed and wonderful weekend! Your FMF neighbor from a door or so away.

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