Connect. Bring together. Attach. Join. Link. Fix. Adhere. Screw. Bolt. Link to a power supply. Form a relationship. Feel an affinity toward. 

I broke my ankle the day after Thanksgiving 6 weeks ago. I was so hoping to have a cast put on and be on my way, but the bottom of my fibula, the skinny bone on the outside of the ankle, was actually pulled away from the rest of the bone. No connection. So I bought myself a surgery, a plate and screws to reconnect the bone. That fragment had to be connected in order to have a blood supply and all the other life giving cells required to grow back together and heal. 

And so it goes with faith. In order to stay connected with the Lord, I need to stay connected to the body of Christ. Because we are all members of each other. If I am the little bottom piece of the fibula and get broken away and somehow don’t get reconnected, I’ll lose the source of life required to grow back together and heal.  

I love this community so much for that connection. I’m happy to be part of the body of Christ. The bottom piece of the left fibula. 


Happy FiveMinuteFriday!


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  1. So true! I have seen that situation play out all too often and it makes my heart sad when I see people disconnecting from their faith community. Thanks for sharing. Your FMF neighbour.

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