The last 2 months have been filled with water hikes and high elevation hikes and even a Pennsylvania hike. When the temperatures became sweltering, I did my best to stay near water, higher elevations, or super early morning hours. 

Highlights of all the hikes of the last 2 months ::

  • Cibecue Falls | 3.1 miles | Located in the Salt River Canyon, this trail was like a mini version of The Narrows in Zion National Park. Sweeping canyon views, cool flowing Salt River waters, cable ferry remains, and even a bald eagle siting! All ending at a gorgeous water fall! Very cool hike! This trail is accessible for all vehicles IF you take the 4 mile dirt road at a nice slow pace. 
  • Gold Ridge Trail 47 | 3.19 miles | Found this hike by accident. The original plan was to hike on the AZT in Payson with #1, but the weather was very threatening up Payson way so we made a u-turn and pulled over at the first trailhead we saw. This trail led us into the Tonto National Forest, even though there’s nothing foresty about this. At all. Glad I got to hike that day, but ultimately wouldn’t do this one again unless I was going further into the wilderness. 
  • Dreamy Draw Loop | 5.76 miles | I think it’s funny they call this trail dreamy. There’s nothing dreamy about it IMHO. The trail is in the Phoenix Mountain Park, not marked well at all. Every time I hike there, I’m reminded of why I don’t hike there. I always feel like I’m going to run out of water and get stranded. Side note fun fact :: there is a dam where there is allegedly a UFO buried underneath. I never saw the dam so I can neither confirm nor deny such a tall tale. 
  • Sabino Canyon Dam | 2 miles | This is a quick and fun little hike in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. Went with #1 who came to Tucson for my last weekend of call. He was like a little kid as he sat in the water and ‘panned’ for gold. Haha! I really like this park and definitely recommend a visit to anyone. 
  • Butterfly Trail/Mt Bigelow | 5 miles | About 2/3 of the way up to Mt Lemmon is the Buttefly Trail. It’s in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness and part of an AZT bypass. Don’t let the name fool you. This trail is strenuous. And who doesn’t love a high elevation mountain trail? Did this one with #1 too. Surrounded by giant pine trees and cool mountain breezes. This is a must hike Trail if you are a must hike individual like me. 🙂
  • Highline to Donahue Trail | 7.45 miles | Located in Pine AZ, this is part of the AZT. The Highline Trail itself runs for more than 50 miles and was created to be a link between all the ranches on the Mogollon Rim. Set in the high country, surrounded by giant pine trees 🌲 and wildflower meadows, cooler temperatures, and stunning vistas, this is also a must do hike for all avid trekkers. 
  • Delaware + Lehigh Canal Trail | 7 miles | This was my bonus Pennsylvania hike. I made a quick trip home 🏡 to see my sister as she prepares for breast cancer treatment. Beautiful trail that follows the original towpath of the old Lehigh Canal. If you follow the entire trail, it covers almost 70 miles of old canal towpaths. Very cool trail!
  • Granite Mountain Trail 261 | 8 miles | First hike of autumn 🍂 with #1, who is becoming a very good hiking buddy after not being interested in hiking as much as me. This one is in the Prescott National Forest 🌳, about 2.5 hours NW of Phoenix. Beautiful high elevation. Expansive views. Giant granite outcroppings. Great hike to celebrate autumn AND National Public Lands day. 

Happy First Monday of autumn 🍂!
I’m hiking 1000MilesForMercyShips. For every mile I hike, I’m donating $1 to help cover the cost of life altering surgery in west African nations.

478 miles down. 522 miles to go. 


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  1. You know, you just kinda amaze me! I love hearing about your treks, and this list of favorites is really neat. My husband and I love Arizona, haven’t been over there in a couple of years. But when we go, now we have some really beautiful options to visit!


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