From my #2son’s pastor in Gainesville. Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven! Come back soon Lord!

Mike Patz

1. Too many hashtags.

2. I keep hearing warnings not to overreact when another black men gets killed. It reminds me of the people of Israel responding to the cries of the prophets of old.

3. I’m not sure if we realize how toxic our silence is. When it comes to justice, the lack of a consistent, united, and culturally audible voice from the church is beyond troubling. Lift your voice.

4. Stop blaming the wrong people. I’ve watched abuse victims come into my office to bring to light the agonizing darkness of their family experience. And I have been horrified to watch families circle the wagons, turn the table, and blame the victim. Why are you trying to divide the family, they demand. Things are getting better, they argue. But the abused are not the problem. And insisting that people get over the abuse of the past in light of some level of improvement is absurd. Stop…

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2 thoughts on “#TerenceCrutcher

  1. The anguish of African-Americans is matched only by that of the Native-Americans. They too have suffered similar abuse by immigrant white-folk from Europe who have, for too long, considered themselves superior – while forgetting that civilisation began in Africa long before it crept first into the warmer regions of Europe before spreading slowly northwards.

    New evidence shows that the native Australians have a culture that is of similar antiquity while only the Ancient Egyptians can match the amazing architecture of the Incas and Mayas of South America who were building monumental stone structures while Europeans were running round in animal skins and living in caves.

    Judging by some recent news items, there are those white Americans who are still happiest when toting guns and slaughtering animals as well as their fellow human beings. What a good thing not all people come from the same mould.

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