Trust. It’s a very hard thing to be generous with trust. 

By the time I met Jesus, I could probably count on one hand the people I trusted. And then I don’t think I trusted more than 3 completely. 

Life has a way of beating you up. People hurt you all the time. I lost my faith in the goodness of mankind and along with it my trust in God. If he could allow this amount of pain, how could anyone ever trust him?

Since Jesus, it’s been a long slow climb up a mountain to trusting again. Every trial, every bump in the road, every missed opportunity, every closed door, every sickness, everything I want to control but cannot, is just one more thing to help me regain my trust in God. To decide if I will praise him no matter the outcome. 

I thought I had the rest of the year all figured out. I thought I’d stay at this job in Tucson for 13 more weeks. The manager enthusiastically said yes one day. But 2 days later said the corporation said no. What gives God!? 

My first reaction was my knee jerk before Jesus reaction of tears and the sky is falling and woe is me. But it only lasted minutes as my brain quickly jumped to God on his throne, behind the scenes, maneuvering and planning. And I decided more quickly than ever to trust God with the next thing. 

Generous trust in God. Progress. 

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I was blessed by your post! I love how you put ‘generous’ with ‘trust’ – not a combination I naturally go to. But, what a winning combo – the God of abundance is worthy of some generous trust. Blessings today!

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