You may be wondering where I’ve been hiding, but I really don’t think so. I’m not hidden. I’ve been living. Hiking. Working. Moving into a new home. Praying. 

My little sister just found out she has breast cancer. My #2son came to visit after finishing a year long internship at his church. He’s preparing to go overseas for a year to serve the Lord. 

There was a time, before Jesus, that I chose to be hidden. Life was just too hard. I was just too miserable. I didn’t want to be around people so I took to the Internet for all of the virtual life I could find. And it was good. 

But God found me. Picked me up. Dusted me off. Kissed my wounded heart. Healed me. Little by little I’m moving away from the hidden virtual world into the real live 3D world with all its good, bad, ugly, messiness. And it’s okay. I’m doing better than I thought. 

So, if you don’t see me as much as before, rejoice! I don’t love you less, I’m just not hiding anymore. 

“Then Jesus said to them, “Do you hide a lamp under a bowl or under a bed? No! You put the lamp on a lampstand. Everything that is hidden will be made clear and every secret thing will be made known.” Mark‬ ‭4:21-22‬ ‭NCV‬‬


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  1. Hey! Wouldn’t you know it? God arranged for me to link up after you! I live in Arizona, too, and cancer has touched my family (I’m so sorry about your sister’s diagnosis–I’ll be praying for both of you). May god continue to lead you in your ‘ordinary’ missionary life!

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