Wow! I’ve trekked 52.36 miles since I last updated. I have to tell you that since I moved to Arizona and rediscovered the joy of hiking, I don’t feel the need to write my thoughts down as much as I have in the last 16 years. I started blogging before there was even a word called blog. I confess I even had to look up the word origin because it’s been that long since I started blogging. 

I suppose this is a good thing. If you know me even a little, I would say I was somewhat reclusive in the old days. A cynic with a strong distrust and disliking of humankind. I absorbed all the negative things folks did or said to me and pulled my head further into my shell, choosing to ‘socialize’ via the Internet, which was much ‘safer’ for a hurt soul. Who needed real life when virtual life seemed so much easier and better?

But then I met Jesus. Almost 11 years ago. And I began to emerge from my shell again. Testing the waters. Discovering life is still hard and people still hurt each other, but God is with me. He’s for me. He’s my shelter in any storm. I run to him when things get hard or scary. 

And now. 11 years later. I am living real life more than virtual life. Risking heartache over loneliness. Daring to be a light in a dark world. Because I know that God is for me. And if God is for me, who can be against me?

  • Tonto National Monument | 4 miles
  • Payson | 8.62 miles
  • Marshall Gulch to Lemmon Creek | 7.29 miles
  • Mt Lemmon | 4.49 miles
  • Bear Canyon to 7 Falls | 8.03 miles
  • Molino Basin to Shreve Saddle | 7.41 miles
  • Angels Landing | 5.49 miles
  • The Narrows | 5.36 miles
  • Water Wheel | 1.67 miles

Happy Tuesday!

I’m hiking 1000MilesForMercyShips. For every mile I hike, I’m donating $1 to help cover the cost of life altering surgery in west African nations.

417 miles down. 583 miles to go!


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