I’ve been doing the travel nurse thing on and off for 16 years. I love traveling. I love seeing new places, exploring a region to soak up all it has to offer. It’s been quite a ride. Now I’m on assignment in Tucson. Tucson is okay. But it’s not my home. I’m finishing up my 4th week here and have come to realize I am homesick. For #1. For the little pig. For the cats. For Phoenix. I don’t want to build a life here. 

I think the Lord takes me places to show me how he wants to build me. Build my faith. Build my courage. Build my strength. Build my perseverance. Build love and peace and gratitude. 

I think he leads me over mountains and through deep valleys, both real and metaphorical, to build me into the person he wants me to be. The nurse who feels such empathy for the suffering of patients that I am not afraid to be human and humane and brought to tears in solidarity with their suffering. The mom who is willing to stand by her grown men through thick and thin, supporting, encouraging, teaching, shepherding, leading toward the cross of Jesus. The sister who would lay down her life to take the place of the one who now has to go through the trauma of cancer, or the deep heartache of the one who’s family is in crisis, because I’m the oldest. I’ve experienced pain and heartache and trauma and I would do anything to see my people spared of these things. The daughter who chooses to love the mother who sacrificed a lifetime to make sure her kids had everything they dreamed of despite all the mishaps and misunderstandings along the way. 

Through all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, he builds. I am his temple. 

“You also are like living stones, so let yourselves be used to build a spiritual temple—to be holy priests who offer spiritual sacrifices to God. He will accept those sacrifices through Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter‬ ‭2:5‬ ‭NCV‬‬


Happy FiveMinuteFriday!


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  1. Ok… this literally gave me goosebumps! God leads, guides, and loves us through places because He is building us! Honestly, I am not always wanting to be built. But I most certainly do not want to be an abandoned or condemned building either. Thank you for that word of encouragement!

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