Rio Salado Habitat | 7.73 miles 

Last week I was still between contracts. I picked up a couple of shifts through another agency, but when I found myself with an extra free day because the hospital didn’t need my help I hopped in the car early in the morning and headed to the Salt River. The Salt River is a huge dry river that runs through the heart of Phoenix. It’s dry because somebody decided to dam the river to create reservoirs. When you drive over the river, you can just imagine how magnificent it was before the settlers came. I had a nice hike in this park. In this particular section of the river, there are several water holes so it is actually a Sonoran wetland. It’s pretty much the last of its kind. An oasis of beautiful green trees and flowers and home to all kinds of wetland birds. I managed to get in over 7 miles before the temperature climbed to triple digits. 

Crosscut Canal | 7.46 miles

We’ve been having a heatwave in Phoenix which I find funny saying since summertime is basically a heatwave. Since it was supposed to be >115°, I told #1son to use the car. I headed out the door at 5am for an urban hike along one of the many canals that cut through the city. The best part of this hike was when I reached the crosscut canal park. Giant sprinklers were going full blast, watering the lawn. I got to stay cool as I was showered by the sprinklers. It was awesome! I managed to get more than 7 miles befor the temp went above 90°!

Abineau/BearJaw Loop | 7.42 miles

Since the temp in Phoenix was forecast to be > 115° all weekend, I hit the road with my hiking buddy, Rita. We went up to Flagstaff, elevation > 7000 feet. The temp stayed < 90° all day. We hiked from just over 8000 feet to 10,282 feet, the highest either of us has ever been! We had a perfect view of Mt Humphrey, the highest peak in Arizona. It stands more than 12,000 feet high! We walked through fields of snow! It took us 6 hours to hike more than 7 miles because of the altitude. We were slow, but we had an amazing time. I can’t wait to climb to that peak. After the hike, we stopped in Flagstaff for burgers and fries. Flagstaff is such a cute town. I look forward to going back again. We decided the only thing that would have made the day better is if we had brought our tents with us so we could camp. Next time. 🙂

As I write this, I’m in Tucson. I started a new contract this week. I’m looking forward to exploring all the trails in this part of the state.

319 miles down. 681 miles to go.  

Happy Tuesday!