Way back some years ago, I knew this girl. She thought she had a hard life. She experienced neglect and suffered some abuse at the hands of a man. She was sad and angry most of the time. She believed the world was out to get her. All this self pity was making her miss out on what was actually happening around her everyday. She couldn’t see the people who rallied to support her. The friends. The family. She couldn’t see the beautiful places. She couldn’t appreciate the fun days. She was so stuck in her sorrow.

But then the most amazing thing happened. She met Jesus! Suddenly, she could see! She finally realized she had been wearing the wrong lenses. With her new perspective she discovered the friends who had always been there. The family. The beautiful places. The fun days. It was like waking from a bad dream. From that day forward, she vowed she would not miss anything ever again. Born again. That girl became me.


Happy FiveMinuteFriday!


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  1. Oh wow, that was really beautiful. I am so glad that the Light of the World broke through your darkness. No one should ever have to miss the beautiful places. You just shine, Michelle…so brightly.

    Happy Mother’s Day and GOD BLESS!

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