39 weeks in Arizona. 9 months! When I leave to travel I am sad. When I return I feel as if I am coming home. I am so very thankful


1327. “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.” Proverbs‬ ‭18:21‬ ‭MSG‬‬
1328. Even when the weekend is too fast.
1329. Every minute spent with my favorite Florida boy. 


1330. “David told Gad, “They’re all terrible! But I’d rather be punished by GOD, whose mercy is great, than fall into human hands.””2 Samuel‬ ‭24:14‬ ‭MSG‬‬
1331. A full day with my south Florida people.
1332. Rain!


1333. “Consider the work of God: who can make straight what he has made crooked?” Ecclesiastes‬ ‭7:13‬ ‭ESV‬‬
1334. The hospitality of my sweet friend.
1335. Coffee date and catch up with a sweet Florida friend and former co-worker.


1336. “For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth.” Job‬ ‭19:25‬ ‭ESV‬‬
1337. Lunch date with a sweet Florida friend.
1338. Coffee date with my favorite Florida cousin.


1339. Even jet lag.
1340. If you would have told me 23 years ago I’d love orthopedic surgery, I would have laughed.
1341. Other folks love neurosurgery so I don’t have to.


1342. “For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.” Romans‬ ‭15:4
1343. Getting to talk to my Florida boy on my lunch break.
1344. Getting to FaceTime with a sweet Florida friend.


1345. “Your name, O Lord, endures forever, your renown, O Lord, throughout all ages. For the Lord will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants.” Psalms‬ ‭135:13-14‬ ‭ESV‬‬
1346. A good hike after 2 weeks of no hiking.
1347. Enjoyed with a friend from work.

Happy Sunday!