I went to Gainesville last weekend to see my #2son and to go to a retreat at his church. He went last year and thought I would be refreshed. I confess I was very reluctant rebellious. I didn’t want to go. I pretty much only signed up to please him. 

But in the 36 hour window of time I realized something. I have been disconnected from the Lord since I moved to Arizona. Oh not completely. I spend time with him everyday. I talk to him everyday. I sing to him everyday. But I’ve been taking him for granted. There’s become an ease that is almost too easy if that makes sense? Sometimes I forget that he is Yaweh, I AM. All powerful. 

This disconnect plays out most significantly at my job. I swear as soon as step through the front door of the hospital, I forget why I am there, who I serve. It becomes all about me. When can I go home? When can I have a break? I. I. I. It’s not good. I have allowed anger to take over. 

That 36 hour retreat helped me to realign my heart. To remember what the Lord has done. To remember I am bought at the highest price. I am not my own. And so I choose to repent and unite my heart with the Lord once more, to rearrange my schedule just a little to put him back in the #1 spot. Where he belongs. 


This is FiveMinuteFriday.


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  1. Michelle, I hear you as it’s all too easy to turn inwards and, by turning inwards, forget. That’s what I love about the mindful approach: it teaches us to live in the moment, allowing a much more considered approach to all aspects of our lives (mindful listening, for example, can bring so much more depth to relationships). Have a lovely weekend! Hope you’re off on a hike! And if so: enjoy!!!! Helen xx

  2. What a blessing! I’m so glad you went to the retreat. Obviously God had plans for you there. 🙂 Such an encouragement! Keep pressing on, for His glory! Thank you for sharing!

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