Remember ‘Forest Gump’? When Jenny breaks his heart, he runs. And runs. And runs. Because he was running off his heartbreak. 

There’s an organization for veterans of war , called ‘Warrior Hike’, that encourages vets to hike off the war. There are a couple of veterans thru hiking the AZT right now, hiking off the combat wounds, mental wounds. 

I see so much trauma at the hospital I’m working at right now that it’s like a war zone. One of the reasons I think I love hiking so much, particularly long hikes, is I am hiking off the mayhem, the trauma. I find hiking to be quite soothing and therapeutic. Spending hours alone. Just me and the Lord and creation and beauty. 

If you are in need of totally regrouping, I can’t recommend the long hike enough. It’s good for rest and restoration. 

Happy Tuesday!

One thought on “Trekking_AsHealing

  1. I agree. There is something rather magical about how hiking releases tension and emotional angst. I’m needing to do more of it.


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