I went on an overnight hike/backpack trip this past weekend. I met a girl and her dad who are through hiking the Arizona Trail. I’m so excited to be able to follow their progress on Instagram.

Before I left them to head home, I wrote them a note in a Gospel of John. I left my phone number and told them to text me when they get close to Phoenix. I told them that they are welcome to come to my place for a break and a shower or anything else they might need. I’m only about 30 miles from the trail where I live.

Part of being generous is opening your home to people in need. I love hiking. I love the hiking community. It’s a community that sticks up for each other. If you examine the through hiking community, you’ll discover people who go out of their way to help each other. It’s the kind of community I want to be part of. To share what I have, shower, a place to crash, The Gospel. After all, Jesus spent his whole life hiking from place to place. Sharing good news.

Happy Thursday!

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