Here’s a little thing that bugs me that I see on social media all the time. 

Can anyone recommend a Christian mechanic? Christian plumber? Christian realtor? Christian ______?

Why do they have to be Christian??? Do you think that’s going to make them honorable? Or have integrity? Or even skills?

Well but I don’t want to be unequally yoked. 

Really? Because you’re going to be best friends? Or business partners?

Why don’t you ask for a recommendation for a good electrician? A good caterer? A good _____?

And then here’s a really crazy idea! Tell him about Jesus! Something as Christians we’re commanded to do. 

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “JustALittleMondayExhortation

  1. Love it. You’re so right. I have heard horror stories about *Christians* in business who have done terrible and/or dishonest work. Find the best person to do the job. And if they’re not believers, just like you said, talk about your own faith!


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