After the epic hike I had this past Monday, I decided I needed to break that new personal best. So today I took a hike in the Superstition Wilderness. Yes there is such a place. And it is absolutely stunning in its beauty. The Lord sure knows how to create beautiful things!
I started early, as the sun was rising. Because here in the AZ you need to get a jump on the heat. 

Since I walked 16.5 miles on Monday, I decided to shoot for 18 miles today. The plan, walk 9 miles or 4.5 hours, whichever came first, then double back. I was not having any repeats of being stranded again. 

I have to say I made excellent time. The only set backs being minor. At mile 7ish, I encountered a Gila monster! These are endangered. When I asked him for his photo, he stuck his tongue out at me and moved on. At mile 8.8, I encountered a rattle snake!!! As I came around a curve, I heard the distinct rattle begin, a little too close to the trail I might add. I screamed so loud the rattler took off like a flash away from me! Hahahahaha! That woke me out of my hiking reverie! Other than that and a new blister, this was an epic hike!

18.03 miles! 143.53 miles down, 856.47 miles to go! 

Will you donate $18 dollars to MercyShips in support? You know you want to!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. You are amazing! Simply inspirational, and I enjoy reading about your hiking adventures. When you were in the Superstition Mountains, did you find the Lost Dutchman’s Mine?! Or is Mr. Gila Monster keeping its whereabouts secret???


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