I’m so thankful I can incorporate my one word, generous, into my favorite Friday activity – Five Minute Friday, which I confess takes longer than five minutes for me to compose because I’m a slow thinker, but only takes five minutes to read. That counts, right? This week, the word is share. 


Share.  Cool word. It goes hand in hand with generous, my one word. As I plot the course for 2016, I have decided to turn my new love of hiking into an opportunity to raise money for my favorite organization, #MercyShips. Why not take what I love to do and share my adventures while encouraging folks to give to a great organization who shares their time and talent to bring hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor? Seems like a very good idea. 

I have created 1000 Miles for MercyShips to document all my hikes. I plan to talk about my adventures and share them with the hope that somebody out there will learn about MercyShips and support them too. So far I’ve hiked 102.77 miles this year. I believe I can hike 1000 miles by the end of the year. I hope to raise $1 for each mile hiked. Won’t you share the adventure, fun, and joy with me?


Happy Friday!


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  1. Have been away from FMF for a long time (unfortunately) and, of course, I had to seek out your post as one of the first I’ve read this week…..good on you. What a great thing you’re doing. Off to click the links and find out more (and – of course – you’re going to hike the 1000 this year!)….Helen xx

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