I’m so thankful I can incorporate my one word, generous, into my favorite Friday activity – Five Minute Friday, which I confess takes longer than five minutes for me to compose because I’m a deep slow thinker, but only takes five minutes to read. That counts, right? This week, the word is forget.


Hows your memory? What do you choose to hold on to? Big or little?

I forget when I came to the conclusion that life is hard. It was probably some time after I met Jesus. But I’m not entirely sure. What I am sure of is after I met Jesus, I finally began to forget the reasons I should be angry at myself. Up until I met him, I was never forgetting the mistakes, the screw ups. I was always kicking myself, calling myself names, beating myself up. I was harboring unforgiveness for me.

But God stepped in. He showed me how he forgot when I turned to him and believed. And if he can forget I should forget too. Oh I’m not talking about the monumental things that shaped my life, the deaths, the births, the broken relationships, the sin, my role in all of it.  I hope I never forget those things. But I don’t have to remember them to the point of beating myself up anymore. Because I am forgiven. And God does not hold a grudge. His forgetfulness in this way is so generous!

“You will forget your misery; you will remember it as waters that have passed away.” ‭‭Job‬ ‭11:16‬ ‭ESV‬‬


Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “FiveMinuteFriday_Forget

  1. Oh I loved this! Especially: “And God does not hold a grudge. His forgetfulness in this way is so generous!” So good. Glad to have stopped by from FMF. I’m your neighbor! 🙂
    -Sarah (

  2. What a good way to look at this! We so often beat ourselves up over our past mistakes, hurts and offenses yet God throws them as far as the east is from the west…. and that is a good thing! Thank you for these thoughts and words! Happy Friday to you! (Stopping by from FMF #28)

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