I’m so thankful I can incorporate my one word, thankful, into my favorite Friday activity – Five Minute Friday, which I confess takes longer than five minutes for me to compose because I’m a deep slow thinker, but only takes five minutes to read. That counts, right? This week, the word is doubt.


Speaking as someone who’s been on this planet for 52 years, I can very well say I have a lot of doubts about the human race. 

I doubt it when the government says we’re done with war. 

I doubt it when the financial wizards say our economy is strong. 

I doubt it when google maps gives me directions. 

I doubt it when co workers tell me my OR room is ready for the next patient without checking the room myself. 

Why so much doubt? Experience. People have let me down over and over throughout my life. It’s what we do. Let each other down. Because we’re not perfect. We make mistakes. We talk a good game. I’m not even including that small percentage of people with malicious intent. Throw them in the mix and it really  hits the fan. 

There’s only One person I have no doubt about at all. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He doesn’t play with my heart. He never lets me down.  Until I met Jesus, I only ever saw the bad in people. Now I cautiously look at people the way he does.

Will this doubt in the human race ever go away? Sure. When I get to heaven and see clearly. 


Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “FiveMinuteFriday_Doubt

  1. Loved this! Especially laughed when I came to Google maps. A good skepticism! This year I sought directions from a point in southern Pennsylvania to a town some distance north of there, and the google map led me south, and dumped me into Baltimore—right at the time of the riots!

    Good examples indeed of reasonable doubts. And a big Amen to the truth that we never need to doubt Him!

    • Oh boy! My google maps told me a shop I was looking for was actually a mile off. Not sure who the GPS fairies are, but they are leading many of us astray. Ha!

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