5 weeks in Arizona. I almost fell off a mountain, but I didn’t. I am thankful. It’s my word for 2015. 


616. 90° on the patio and I’m not sweating.

617. Riding the light rail for the 1st time.

618. #1 had a good 1st day at his new job.


619. The bike rack so I could take the bike to work.

620. Not too sure about this OR, but it’s okay because God always has a plan.

621. Mostly cloudy skies meant 97° at 4:30pm and a comfortable bike ride to the train station 9 miles from work so I could ride the rest of the way home beating the dust storm.


622. I didn’t fall into the ravine at Camelback Mountain.

623. I only sustained minor injuries from falling, surface wounds.

624. 2 new pretty cacti for the patio.


625. Waking up after cracking my head pretty hard on a rock on a mountain.

626. Hearing about how many people die or get hurt on that trail makes me even more thankful to be okay.

627. First driving experience through a monsoon.


628. Got to carry the trauma pager.

629. An awesome patient with a not so awesome brain tumor who’s optimism was inspiring to me.

630. Being able to purchase real hiking shoes so maybe I’ll be able to stay upright on my next hike.


631. Apache trail after 27 years.

632. That it hasn’t changed in 27 years!

633. Seeing the Roosevelt Dam.


634. Vision for ministry in Phoenix.

635. The Superstition Mountains.

636. There’s a Miami Arizona.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Oh my goodness! A fall?? I am also very grateful that you didn’t get hurt worse! Sometimes I wonder if angels push us into safety!! Sounds like Arizona is *agreeing* with you just fine. And, a new vision for ministry sounds wonderful – can’t wait to hear more about that!


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