I’m so thankful I can incorporate my one word, thankful, into my favorite Friday activity – Five Minute Friday, which I confess takes longer than five minutes for me to compose because I’m a deep slow thinker, but only takes five minutes to read. That counts, right? This week, the word is alone.


The other day, I almost fell off a mountain. I was not alone.

Oh I went to the mountain by myself. But there were lots of other people climbing. I was not alone.

I spoke to people as they went up and down. Joked about how there should be a helicopter at the top to bring you back down because the climb was killer. I knew going down was going to be much harder than going up. I was right. But I was not alone.

When my foot slipped and my leg buckled and my knee smashed and my head cracked on the rock, I was not alone.

Oh no people were there to witness my fall. Only the Lord. I was not alone.

And he sent help quickly in the form of a tiny Asian woman. I was not alone.

She called 911.

As I continued down the mountain, other hikers asked if I was okay. They heard about me. I was not alone.

When I was almost at the bottom, the firefighters met me. I was not alone.

I am still here because I was not alone.


Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “FiveMinuteFriday_Alone

  1. So glad you are ok. Rock climbing/mountain climbing is no joke. Thankful that help was sent your way. Visiting from FMF where I’m parked in the #9 spot this week.

  2. Oh my, I’m so pleased you’re OK (I have to admit that I often worry about something like this happening to me when I go on my ‘off trail’ walks)….beautifully written. We’re never truly alone are we (but isn’t it nice to be reminded of that?!)

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