Happy pseudo Friday! I know. I know. It’s Wednesday. But I’m working 4 10 hour shifts now and I have off tomorrow, so that makes it Happy Pseudo Friday around these parts. 🙂

Today has been absolutely fabulous as I discovered my OR partner for the past 2 days is 100% Native American! A first thing for me of magnificent proportion! She is Navajo and Apache! She is close to my age. Very hospitable. Just a lovely woman. She shared so many things about the Navajo Nation with me. I felt so privileged and honored. Particularly because the native population in Arizona is a tiny 4.3%!

She grew up with her grandmother, who became a Christian when missionaries came to the tribe years ago. So she was raised going to church. By our conversation, I don’t think she goes to church anymore. She’s very much in support of keeping tribal traditions alive and well. She speaks Navajo! She speaks NAVAJO! How cool is that!?

I am so over the moon thrilled with the chance to be this woman’s friend! She has been so kind to me. I can’t wait to see what happens!

And on Monday, I met an anesthesiologist who prays for his patients. In Jesus’ name. Out loud! Turns out, he also did a 2 week stint with Mercy Ships! Small world, no?

I’m sure by now you can tell how exciting my week has been so far?

I’m really going to enjoy this mission field! Vision. It’s all about the vision.

God is so amazing in all He’s doing here in Arizona! I’m so thankful!