I just moved to Arizona. A whole other world. A whole other heat. I’m so appreciating the night time like never before. I only own the scooter. I live 17 miles from the hospital. I start at 6am. I thought why not ride it to work this morning in the dark? It was amazing. Warm and cool and lonely roads. I arrived after 40 minutes or so. Got an amazing photo of an Arizona sunrise. The hospital has covered parking for two wheeled vehicles. I suppose so you don’t burn your butt after your ride has been baking in the Arizona sun all day?

Well. I thought I actually might die from the heat on my ride home. I had to stop for water after 10 miles of riding. It was like riding face first into the world’s largest blow dryer. Only hotter! Tomorrow I’m going to drive to work in the rental. I’ll wait for the temperature to fall below triple digits before I do that again!

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. loved the update! Appreciated what you said about naps on my latest post. Makes me want to write something about them. (Naps) there is this undercurrent of shame in our culture if you admit you like (or need) a nap. It took me years to silence that NAZI in my head that told me I was lazy to want / need a nap.

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